It is highly recommended that you read through our FAQ's before anything else! Want to know what's in our tents? Ever wondered how many people can fit in our tents? Did you plan on bringing your pet along for the trip? All of this and more answered here!

How do i book a tent?

How do i book a tent?

We are contactable, Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm
Contact us through the "Contact Us" tab

What should i consider before booking a tent?

1. What Date are you looking at?

2. Which Location do you prefer?
3. What Size tent would you like?
4. Do you want a Package as well?

When are your tents available?

At Punggol, our tents are pitched everyday
At East Coast Park our tents are only available on the weekends!

What is the booking procedure?

1. Send us an email!

2. We'll check our schedule and let you know!

3. If all is good we'll ask you to confirm!

4. We'll send you an invoice for payment!

5. After payment is received, you'll get a confirmation letter!

How do i get to Glamping Society?

Stay tuned for a video guide! Until then here's how




Head to Carpark G Area G East Coast Park, walk towards
the beach to find our tents, our tents are pitched from 
Pit 65 to Pit 76

Head to Punggol Container Park, we are located at the far

left side.

East Coast Park

Punggol Container Park

How long can i stay?

Check in time is 3 PM and check out time is 12 PM the next day.

It is recommended you stay overnight for the full experience, but if you're looking to book it for a day don't worry you can check out anytime before 12 pm the next day, simply lock up the tent and be on your way!

Do i need a camping permit?

If you're Glamping at East Coast Park you're gonna need one for yourself!
Only Singaporeans and PR's, work permit and study permit holders can apply for a camping permit!

Here's the link to apply!

Can i have BBQ?

If you're Glamping at East Coast Park then you're in luck! Simply book a BBQ Pit within our location

Pit 65-Pit76 

Here's the link to apply!

Unfortunately we aren't allowed to BBQ at Punggol Container Park by SCDF's rule.


What tents do you have?

Medium Bell Tent
Medium Bell Tent

Large Bell Tent
Large Bell Tent

Jumbo Bell Tent
Jumbo Bell Tent

Medium Bell Tent
Medium Bell Tent


At East Coast Park

We have tents ranging from Medium
to Large and Jumbo!

At Punggol we have 4 Large tents!

What about toilet facilities?

We do not provide toilet or showering facilities, however there are

Public Toilets and Showering Facilities at East Coast Park.

The toilets near our tents at Punggol Container park are currently
undergoing renovations, expected to end 9 Nov 2018. There are still

toilet facilities nearby however there are No Showering Facilities

at our Punggol Site.

We Do Not provide toiletries or towels.


What's in the tents?

In all our tents we have beds, cushions and rugs, random decorations and fairy lights,