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Whatsapp +6590401817. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • What is the Check-in and Check-out Timing
    Check in at 3pm. Check out at 12pm
  • Can I invite friends for the day, who are not staying over?
    Yes of course! You can bring your own picnic mats so that your guests can sit outside of the tents.
  • Do you have any packages available for big/small groups?
    Yes we do have a few packages that will cater to the needs of both big and smaller groups! Do drop us a message to find out more.
  • Do we have to book our own camping permits and BBQ pits?
    Yes, you have to book the camping permit online or through any AXS machines. Similarly, you can also book the BBQ pits online or through any AXS machines for a fee. (Only applicable to ECP Area G & Area D Glamping) Camping Permit Application : BBQ Pit Application: No camp/ BBQ pit permits are required for Pasir Ris Seaside Glamping.
  • Where do I go if I have to use the toilet? Are they provided?
    At ECP Area G & Area D, public toilets and showering facilities are located nearby the campsite. No hot water showers are available at public campsites. At Pasir Ris Seaside Glamping, private toilets and showering facilities are located onsite. Hot water showers are available at public campsites.
  • Is there a power source for me to charge my devices?
    There are power outlets at our Pasir Ris Seaside Glamping site. However, there are none at our East Coast Park tents.
  • Where are the tents pitched at?
    Our tents are only pitched at NParks approved campsites, at East Coast Park Area G BBQ pit 65-80. Glamping Farm Resort tents are pitched at Kranji.
  • What happens if it rains?
    In the event of rain, the tents are fully waterproof so it’s actually fine to stay in lighter rain; and its quite nice in the rain actually. However, you have the option of cancelling or postponing the stay free of charge if the weather forecast predicts heavy thunderstorm, but we need 1 day notice at least.
  • What happens during checkout?
    Please remove all the pillows outdoor back to respective tents. Please close all the window in the tent to avoid rain going into the tent. Dispose all leftover foods and drinks into the Rubbish Bin nearby. Fail to do so will result in cleaning fee charges of $50. Lastly, please zip up and lock the tent.
  • Do you cater food and beverages?
    Unfortunately, we only provide meals for special events with a sizable scale. We have snack bundles avalible for purchase though. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks!
  • Rules To Abide To
     To ensure the cleanliness of the parks. Please be responsible and clean the surrounding area after your stay. Please do not leave any trash inside the tents!  There shall be no open flame of any sorts.  Park users are not allowed to bring their personal BBQ pit equipment as per NParks regulations.  No generators are to be used at ECP.  You are allowed to bring your own portable speakers, but please be considerate and control the volume of your music.  We will need someone to watch after the Picnic Setup (if you booked for it). Hence please be available to take over the setup from our staff. You are not allowed to leave it unattended. You are liable for any missing items.
  • Are your tents air conditioned?
    Our tents are not air conditioned at East Coast Park Area G and D (no power supply) Our tents at Pasir Ris Seaside Glamping are air conditioned.
  • How do I make a booking?
    Whatsapp or email us to inquire about packages OR pick a package and Whatsapp/ email us to book. We can customize packages to your needs. Do note that we cannot help you book camp permits (legally it has to be in your name) We accept Paynow/ Paylah/ Atome. We also accept Paypal for international customers.
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